Key job sectors in Advertising industry

In the age of social media and digital marketing, attention-wars are aplenty.

New sectors have emerged within the advertising space, where creativity and experimental traits are highly sought. Advertising industry is marked by continuous improvisation because no single campaign sustains with long-term success. There is an urge to continuously innovate and adapt to people’s attention.

Below is the list of prominent sectors in advertising job growth:

· Covert Advertising
· Customer Generated Advertising
· Domain Advertising
· Global Advertising
· Government/Public Advertising
· Informative Advertising
· Infomercials
· Location-centric Advertising
· Mobile Advertising
· New Media Advertising
· Outdoor Advertising
· Media Network Advertising
· Tourism Advertising

The demand for traditional models of advertising such as television, radio and press are dropping. Not that they have become obsolete, but it is clear that the future of advertising is completely mobile centric. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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