Key job sectors in Accounting Industry

People in number crunching profession are witnessing more diversification in the accounting field. Below is the list of prominent sectors in accounting job growth:

· Auditing
· Customer Service
· Financial Accounting
· Fund Accounting
· Management Accounting
· Recruitment
· Human Resources Administration
· Talent Management
· Tax Accounting
· Business Valuation Services
· Startup Valuation Services
· Company Secretary Services

Given the advent of stricter compliance norms in the companies act, company secretary designations are witnessing high demand in recent times. It is in the best interest of accounting professionals to research trends in above sectors, to comprehend the wide scope of clarity on how jobs are evolving in each of these spaces in the accounting industry. Specializing in top 3 niches based on one’s interests will catalyze career prospects. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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