Ever wonder why many people do not follow their passion?

People who did follow their passion had an unfair advantage. Some person in their life – a friend, family member, or a mentor – had compelled them to follow their dreams. This consistent reassurance has exposed the dormant magic hidden in people. For most people however, there are hardly a few who listen to, or care to understand what your passion is.

Now imagine this scenario: What if your hidden passion is someone’s business priority? In such a case, imagine how excited you would be, if that business entity reached out to you unexpectedly? For example, what if you had the knack for sketching jewelry designs, and a well-renowned Jewelry brand hired you part-time to receive 10 ornamental sketches every weekend?

This is finally possible with Credait portal. Register your hidden passion, be it a subject expertise or physical activity, along with your credentials and personality. Maybe your passion will materialize into part-time work, and eventually evolve into a full-time career. Get identified for your passion and dreams.

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