Bright future for jobs in Business Development

Business development (BD) jobs are in top demand anytime – past, present or future!

Two focus areas govern BD, be it CEO or any sales position:

1. Identifying opportunities with an out-of-box approach
2. Prioritizing long-term growth

It’s about making wise decisions and forecasting achievable targets. The future of BD positions – a trend that has already begun in few companies – involves data-centric decision making. In the conventional BD scenario, leadership relies upon macroeconomic indicators, marker research, etc. Such reports take time to be executed – usually months – and important decision making were post-postponed.

Modern technological innovations – based on AI and machine learning applications – have made research, analysis and actionable insights more dynamic. It is imperative that BD profiles work in tandem with data scientists. But will this make BD profiles less significant than data scientists? Definitely not!

BD profiles are human / emotion centric. They weigh insightful data, but take calculated risks in non-conventional executions too. In this bandwidth lies the potential for success that alters fortunes of companies. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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