Jobs in India Series #4: Top Subject Expertise & Super Skills in demand for HR Jobs in India

By: Shriram Shanmugham, Founder – – The People Empowerment Platform

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Disclaimer: The list of subject expertise and supers skills are based on the number of high frequency searches executed by recruiters. This does not imply that every search executed resulted in job placements. The following data merely serves as an indicator for career trends in specific industry/services

The human resource (HR) sector across all industries is broadly categorized into:

  • Administration
  • Training & Development
  • Recruitment (Talent Sourcing)

Top 10 HR Subject Expertise and Super Skills in demand

People-centric skills are top priority in HR sector, be it leadership at administrative level or relationship management at recruitment level. Table 1 below discloses these requirements:

Top Requirements for HR Jobs in India

Top 10 Subject Expertise

Top 10 Super Skills

Social StudiesCritical Thinking
Behavioural SciencesDecision Making
Mass CommunicationRelationship Skills
International RelationsStory Telling
Multimedia CommunicationConflict Resolution
SociologyPeople Management
AnthropologySocial Media Management
Communication ArtsPublic Speaking
Cultural StudiesEvent Management


Table 1: Top 10 subject expertise & super skills in the HR profession

 Top 10 cities in India for HR Jobs

Table 2 below discloses the top cities in India with high demand in HR jobs.

Top 10 Cities for HR Jobs in India


Avg. searches per day


Table 2: Top 10 Cities in India for HR Jobs

The percentage break – up of HR jobs city wise is depicted in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Average search and percentage breakup of HR jobs in India


The highest demand for HR workforce lies in the recruitment sector. Attrition is a major challenge experienced by all companies and continuous recruitment has become a daily affair. Attrition is also high among the recruiters because they transit to non-HR professions like marketing and sales where relationship and conflict management skills are demanded, while the remaining transit to Training & Development or Administrative roles within HR. Our data indicates that HR profiles continue to be in high demand because it outweighs the supply. is a people empowerment platform for specialized careers. Register in for your dream career in HR to find you by empowering your super skills & subject expertise