Expertise vs. Skills – Why are they important?

Your successful career isn’t cemented unless you have a deep understanding of these 2 requirements:

1. Acquired knowledge – also known as subject expertise
2. Anything you are inherently, naturally, good at – also known as super skills

Your subject expertise either comes out of a book, or teacher or a combination of these. Over multiple iterations, you qualify as a subject hashtagexpert. This is validated by a degree, certification, endorsements or recommendations. For example, thermodynamics, radiology, stitching technology, etc. are subject expertise.

Super skills is what you are naturally good at. It cannot be taught in a school or read from a book. For example, most people have the skill to bat in a cricket game, but Virak Kohli has super skills in batting. Another example is that if you are comfortable to speak in front of large audience, then you possess a super skill in public speaking.

But here is the biggest challenge in contemporary hiring. Companies or recruiters are not clear on specific subject expertise requirement. Worse, the significance of unique skills vital to any designation is misunderstood or ignored. It is up to job hashtagseekers to identify their expertise & skills to cement their career growth. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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