How Job Descriptions are ruining talent sourcing

Overly detailed job descriptions (JDs) are written with good intention but it backfires on qualitative candidate screening.

Requirements overshoot the need by a large margin. Companies are writing more and more details of qualifications, responsibilities, and competencies that candidates must possess. They do this to avoid large volumes of job applications. Reality is that no candidate will meet 100% of these requirements. Two things happen as a result:

1. Genuine job seekers who only have a few of these requirements may not apply at all

2. The desperate job seekers, whether they meet the requirements or not, choose to apply anyway, hoping to land an interview by random chance

This is lose-lose situation for companies, which explains why talent search has become a challenging and time consuming process. It is imperative that companies think beyond qualifications and experience. More on this in successive posts. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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