Your personality can make or break your career

A research by Carnegie-Melon University concluded that 85% of your financial & career success is attributed to your personality.

More than qualification and experience, it is someone’s personality that influences job role most. Consider these examples:

• Competitive and experimental personality suits aggressive sales positions
• Creative and persuasive traits is ideal for public relations
• Detail oriented and ethical personality could be a physician’s requirement at a specialty hospital
• Logical and articulate traits are prerequisites for a journalist covering economic and political policies
• Energetic and tolerant personality is ideal for teachers managing kindergarten
• Decisive and persistent traits would be expected of IT delivery managers

Successful head-hunters ALWAYS prioritize candidate’s personality. Job seekers benefit by consciously assessing their personality, and seek recruiters help in the process, in a manner that best fits the job role. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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