Attrition: Consequence of powerless HR Department

Bad management is the #1 reason for high attrition rates in organizations.

Contrary to popular corporate phrase “People don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses,” high attrition rates are indications of empathy lacking in executive leadership. One cannot deny that people leave bad bosses, but how did management even allow such people to lead teams in the first place?

HR folks are indeed aware of bad bosses who are detrimental to talent retention. In fact, they are also aware of other attrition indicators that include excessive work load, delayed promotions, lack of employee recognition, etc. Yet, the HR departments in such organizations are rendered powerless. Lack of a desired budget allocation is not the only challenge some HR departments face. In worst cases, they do not have freedom to even restructure operational protocols that could enhance employee morale and trust – unless approved by a CFO or someone executive leadership.

Unless the HR department is bestowed with autonomy, attrition will continue to rise, productivity will witness a slow death, and companies will be driven toward obsolescence. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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