Team is Priority – The real definition of Communication Skills

Ever wondered why recruiters want great communication skills, but never clearly defined it?

Communication skills are not just restricted to writing and speaking well. There is an important psychological component in it called empathy. Being empathetic is being sensitive of other people’s feelings, mindset, and struggles. In other words, you put yourself in their shoes genuinely.

In a working environment, this translates to understanding other people’s learning abilities, work progress, challenges and objectives. Such holistic approach guarantees that teams – as a whole – work efficiently and progressively. This is the real definition of possessing great communication skills.

One could have the best written and oratory skills, but if they lack empathy, then neither the team nor the organization progresses. In other words, the lack of proper communication skills make or break a company.

Now, how to go about developing great communication skills, is an art in itself. More on this in our successive posts. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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