3 Career mistakes college students make

Many college students makes these mistakes:

1. The mindset to join high-pedigree companies – They remain jobless until they get these offers, without realizing that comparative attitudes with peers can be detrimental to career progress. Students must grab opportunities that prioritizes learning, which ensures successful career in the long run.

2. Underestimating communication skills – The ability to work well in team environments is important, where impeccable communications skills (oral & written) are critical. Students who took part in extra-curricular activities during college days have an unfair advantage in this regard. Irrespective of college management’s initiative, it is important that students improve their communication skills with a personal interest.

3. Pursing a post-graduate degree immediately: Barring exceptions, most students take this route because they remained jobless for a long time, but this can be a double-edged sword. The PG specialization narrows down career choices moving forward, or the candidate accepts lower paying job where their specialization is not necessary. Besides, a candidate with work-experience is always prioritized by companies

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