Why Artificial Intelligence can’t solve the hiring challenges?

While AI has many valuable applications, its influence and capabilities in the hiring space is highly exaggerated. Here are the 2 fundamental flaws of AI when it comes to hiring: 1. AI needs millions of data points to extrapolate and justify a strong conclusion. This is applicable only to repetitive processes in manufacturing and services environment. Assessment of qualification, attitude, and sync with team chemistry in hiring environment are done subconsciously by humans. This process intrinsically involves judgement and bias, and not possible for AI systems to comprehend.

Identifying the best recruiters for AI to emulate would be a challenge, not only because of limited recruiters (not in millions), but also due to the complexity of recruitment protocols across various industries. 2. For AI, everything is data, literally. It cannot discern lies or wrong data. For example, if someone is lying on the resume, the AI will literally consider what the candidate mentions in sync with the job description and will prioritize them to the next level in the hiring process. As a result, genuine candidates are eliminated without a fair chance for review.

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