Resume’s REAL definition: Document that’s ruining job placement for the past 539 years

2 major problems with resumes:

1. Candidates mostly exaggerate their capabilities. Moreover, its composed in the same lines of the job description being applied for.

2. Recruiter spend less than 20 seconds reviewing it. Not all candidates are great writers either. Crucial credentials are ignored or overlooked and genuine candidates are neglected.

A Since the year 1481, when the first resume was conceived, we have still not eliminated integrity issues and biases associated with it. Highly experienced recruiters don’t rely on it. They spend quality time discussing with candidates, to establish the ideal candidate & company-cultural sync.

It’s about time the hashtaghumanresources community overlooked a major impediment that’s been harming hiring for the past 539 years! – No more resumes, no more job search.
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