Why searching and applying for jobs is a waste of time

You won’t get responses to even a fraction of your job applications (except automated emails thanking you for applying). Ever wondered why?

It does not matter what credentials you possess. What matters is that you possess those specific credentials that recruiters are looking for. This is why applicant tracking systems (ATS) have been colossal failures in organizations that use it. Many job seekers edit their applications in sync with job descriptions that leave recruiters helpless in shortlisting candidates for interviews.

This is why recruiters like references from their network, and organizations give monetary rewards, to employees referring candidates. Another option is for recruiters to shortlist candidates proactively, by downloading hoard of resumes from job boards, and choosing candidates who have uploaded resumes within past 2 weeks. They repeat this process cyclically.

The probability that a job seeker’s application, gets a response for interview, is so low that one could conclusively rule out this process. Allowing this type of “luck” (low probability) working in candidate’s favor is a sheer waste of time.

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