Recruiters: Do not get chained to the specific industry bias

Dear Recruiters, the assumption that prospective candidates must come from the same industry as your own, is detrimental to quality hiring. Majority of job roles are industry agnostic. For example:

• A relationship executive’s priority is client satisfaction – this is personality centric
• An engineer’s responsibility is fail-proof function – this is knowledge centric
• A software developer’s skill is ensuring efficient architecture – this is application centric
• An auditor’s priority is business compliance – this is legality centric
• A researcher’s core objective is analysis – this is quality centric
• Any manager’s role is about leadership – this is people centric

Of course there are exceptions. A pharma company would specifically require a PhD candidate in drug discovery, who worked for a competitor (same industry). However, these exceptions are minuscule given the sheer volumes of job seekers, and it surprising when many recruiters insist on people having specific industry credentials.

So recruiters, please prioritize candidate uniqueness, and you will be surprised to note that best talents are industry agnostic indeed. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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