Superhero candidates are like Superman – They Do Not exist

Ever wonder why some positions don’t get filled for months?

Isn’t it ironic that in the digitized world, hiring is getting difficult, more time-consuming, while the length of job descriptions have kept on increasing?

The reason is HR’s obsession over hiring the perfect candidate! Somewhere they read that “A wrong hire can cost you in the long-run,” and shockingly, this baseless fear has crumpled the hiring process. The end result is ruined team dynamics owing to lack of resources. If HR departments quantified the monetary losses happening due to poor organizational performance, then they would realize that this would cost the company more than the “hypothetical” loss caused by waiting for the “perfect” candidate.

Great hires are not recruited, but nurtured. A company may even hire the best qualified candidate on paper, however, this person can still be a slack performer if they don’t sync with company’s values or culture. On the contrary, companies can turn even below workers to star performers by creating the right environment that includes training & development and empowered culture that promotes candidness and empathy. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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