The Secretive power of passion in your career

What does it mean when few recruiters say “We are looking for passionate” candidates?

This does not imply turning your hobbies into career. Instead, highly experienced recruiters play the passion-card to gauge how it can accentuate the efficiency of your job role.

This true incident exemplifies the passion-career link: A company developing off-road vehicle were keen on hiring test engineers passionate about trekking. This was priority over qualifications such as mechanical or material science engineering. Testing these vehicles in remote, mountainous locations required resilience and daily-lifestyle compromises, owing to lack of comfortable accommodations. A passionate trekker would happily do this job, since they love nature and do not mind compromised living conditions, as opposed to someone who merely had the expertise.

Unfortunately, very few recruiters channel the link between job role and prospective candidate’s passion. Job seekers however, can do this proactively, by knowing detailed information of the job role during interviews. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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