Re-learning Centers – The Future of Business Training

Hiring the perfect candidate is not practically feasible.

Technologies are evolving, customer demands are dynamically changing, while talent capacities of in-house workforce reaches saturation. The best solution is to establish a permanent, in-house, re-Learning center. This will be a strategic move, by avoiding challenges associated with new resource hiring, or engaging permanent third party services.

HR administrators can enforce this by allocating a separate budget for re-learning centers. This is not to be confused with in-house training & development that are repetitive every year, like soft skills development or customer service management. Re-learning includes 3 unique requirements:

· A committee that works closely with management’s vision and assesses re-learning metrics required to meet objectives
· Talent management executives who will match resources for various re-learning modules, based on personal interest and performance
· An administrator who will identify and engage the right external trainers for the re-learning modules and organize training time-tables months in advance.

This is a win-win for organizations and their workforce. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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