Top 3 reasons people quite companies

Rising attrition is a major concern across organizations.

These are top 3 reasons people quit:

1. Bad bosses – Incompetent managers make people overwork, most of which is unproductive for the team. This takes a toll on people’s mental health. Worse, they show their team members in bad light and never take responsibilities for their mistakes.

2. Lack of recognition – Genuine performers go on a year or two without any recognition they deserve, in the guise of promotions or monetary bonuses.

3. Indications of a company’s failure – If a company is falling apart, and management makes no conscious effort to communicate this reality, employees intuitively want to leave. They actively start looking out and quit at the moment they get their first offer letter elsewhere.

The first two points are the major reasons for employees quitting. Most organizations do a mundane job with appraisals every quarter but fail to take authentic feedback on whether employees are happy on an individual basis. This is an indication of a company that lacks values. Company with values, that prioritize employee well-being, are culture – centric organizations. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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