Top 3 traits of a Project Manager

Project management is more about execution and less about expertise.

Ensuring quality and timely delivery is top priority of project managers (PM). A qualitative but delayed delivery can be detrimental for company’s prospects. Timely delivery with compromise in quality attracts customer wrath.

The top 3 traits expected of a project manager include:

1. Listening – PMs are keen listeners, especially in understanding client requirements and prioritizing various deliverables from MOST to LEAST important. This is critical in planning delivery timelines.

2. Consistent feedback – PM’s hold one-to-one discussion with key team leaders once a week. They hold weekly meetings for entire team, and insist on client meeting twice a month. This method ensures two-way project clarity, thereby cementing a quality deliverable.

3. Value addition – When points 1 & 2 above is executed right, there always arises better value propositions for the client even if they didn’t require it. PMs ensure this value addition is included in the deliverable, with conviction, and clients honor it.

At the core, PMs are masters of communication and relationships skills. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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