The Power of Recruiter – Hiring Manager collaboration

In most organizations, the recruiter – hiring manger (HM) relationship do not go beyond resume sharing and calendar appointments for interviews.

This is a recipe for disaster. The relationships between HMs and recruiters are as critical as pilot and airport control tower. Miscommunication and ignorance can cause flight (company) crash.

It is imperative that recruiters build lasting relationships with HMs beyond just aiding them with talent sourcing. They should understand the following from HMs:

· Short and long-term objectives of teams managed by HM
· Culture unique to each teams under various HMs
· Key attitudes / personality the prospective candidate should bring, and justification by the HM for the same

Successful recruiters are champions of relationship building, both inside and outside the organization. In fact, they would have established trust so well that HMs value recruiter’s consideration as final in on boarding a candidate. This is especially true of recruiters who established a reputation for spotting the right talent, owing to their holistic understanding of multi-team visions. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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