Is your company over or under hired?

It’s a sign of bad management if the company is over or under hired.

Exceptions are fine for a short intervals. But is has become norm for most companies to hire during economic boom and fire during bust. There no correlation between revenues and work-force strength, and neither is attrition a good measure to judge an organization’s hiring management.

So how did some organizations optimize workforce to perfection?

They leverage consistent feedback from hiring managers (HM) on workforce utilization. These are not hourly utilizations on a weekly or quarterly basis. Instead, these are qualitative utilization metrics based on operational excellence, on-time delivery and justified extensions, cost savings internally or to client, and client satisfaction.

But the HMs are not going to voluntary come forward with these metrics. If such a practice is in place, it’s a sure-shot sign of efficient HR administration. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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