3 Lessons to learn from successful Head Hunters

Successful recruiters go entrepreneurial by establishing their own head-hunting business.

Most recruiter’s objective within companies, is to fill designations at the earliest. Worse, many organizations incentivize such quantitative metrics instead of qualitative assessments.

3 lessons young recruiters can learn from head-hunters:

1. Build long-term relationships – Over the years, they built lasting relationships with many talented people – even the ones they interviewed but did not end up hiring. They go the extra-mile in referring these candidates elsewhere, thereby garnering respect and gratitude from prospective job seekers

2. Understand team-wise objectives – They have holistic understanding of how independent teams function – not just on work progress, but also gauge the team-chemistries with which each hiring manager leads people.

3. Assess credentials & personality equally – Even the best of qualifications cannot guarantee successful objective outcomes if one’s personality does not sync with the team. Their innate understanding of hiring manager’s leading style makes them bring a candidate with right sync of credentials and personality.

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