Why corporate background checks are overrated

Corporate background-checks are a waste of time and money.

This is not a justification for hiring people who lie about their credentials. But it is wiser for an organization to restructure their talent scouting policies in a manner that tests candidate-competence during interviews.

· A web-designer can be asked to build a website in 4 hours and his technical and creative expertise could be assessed
· A power electronics engineer could be requested to build a voltage regulator in a lab with all required parts
· A civil engineer could be given a case study on how a submersible bridge was built by procuring the right materials

We live in a digital age where teenagers are building drones from online videos, while others are deploying ML algorithms by taking free courses on MOOC, while never stepping into colleges.

It’s ironic that a candidate is penalized for a lie, in a desperate need to make a living, while lying politicians and corruption in government bureaucracy are accepted as “norms.”

Checks are meaningful in classified government jobs or IP sensitive innovations. For the rest, its high time organizations become more perceptive of evolving career realities.

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