Company Reputation vs Boss’s Leadership – What to choose?

Choosing the Boss (your reporting manager) should be your #1 priority.

More than company pedigree or salary benefits, working under good leadership has 2 invaluable benefits:

1. Learning – You will be mentored under a good boss. The experiences gained in terms of team management, problem solving, communication and knowledge application are priceless. It is these qualities that will ensure accelerated career growth and financial success in the long term.

2. Mental Peace – Your mental and physical health is critical for your learning and career growth. Good bosses are considerate of team’s satisfaction and work-life balance. On the contrast, a bad boss can be a hefty toll on your mental peace. Do not be victimized under bad leadership. A company’s reputation won’t save you in this regard.

During your interview process, you can identify a bad boss with a few questions and observations. Here is the link to find out how:

Think learning, think long-term benefits. Choose your boss wisely. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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