How to handle harassment from your boss

If someone harasses you, then they have a psychological problem.

You have to raise a complaint to HR administration. Follow these steps:

1. Document the complaint officially over an email, addressed to the HR administrator alone. Disclose the nature of the harassment and frequency of the same.

2. In meeting with the HR administrator, discuss the issue in detail, and disclose any proof of harassment (email / phone communication, recorded messages or a colleague who could testify on your behalf)

3. Be firm in your request. Depending on the depth of harassment, you can either mediate a truce with your manager so it doesn’t repeat, or demand transfer to another team.

It is great if the HR considers your case genuinely and give amicable solutions. But the complaint / evidence are subjected to different interpretations, and things may not work in your favor. In such a case, resign and walk-out.

Have faith and confidence in your ability to find another job. Always prioritize your mental peace and self-respect. No job is worth compromising these. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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