What does it mean when recruiters do not get back?

Following interviews, the wait-time to hear from recruiters is marked by anxiety for most people.

Job search can be an agonizing experience, especially when there is no job at hand. While it is a recruiter’s duty to close the communication loop, most tend ignore candidates who are not under consideration.

It is job seeker’s expectation that is root cause of worry in the first place.. If the recruiter does not respond within a week, have the wisdom to understand that other candidates are in consideration. One can’t deny that there could be better candidates than yourself. There will be other opportunities where your profile will be impressive.

There is no need for follow-up via email or phone to inquire your appointment status. Recruiters are bombarded with hundreds of messages a day, and are under high pressure to fill up vacancies at the earliest. If you are in consideration, the recruiter will be prompt in communication frequency.

The struggle is real, for both job seekers and recruiters. It is imperative to not take anything personally.

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