The Secret of Fast Learners

There is correlation between fast learners and career success.

Their secret is this – they are voracious readers.

Voracious reading does not happen by chance. It is a practiced daily-discipline, with rewarding career outcomes in long term. It is a methodical process:

· Voracious readers have holistic understanding of industrial and technological trends
· Trends help in assessing unique directions career paths can take
· These career paths will have new requirements and demand upskilling
· Upskilling takes time, but it becomes a work-in-progress for voracious readers, even before these career opportunities emerge
· When opportunity emerges, voracious readers grab it, because there are no other contestants.

The important point to be noted, is that “fast” learners, are NOT actually those who can learn fast. Isn’t that an irony? However, they are PERCEIVED by other people as “fast” learners because they have upskilled themselves, immediately when opportunity arrives.

People with immense career & financial success owe it to their voracious reading habits. They are not just learning to upskill, but “fast” learn to predict the future. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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