Digital Marketing Traits

Top 3 traits of Digital Marketers

The objective of marketing is to create awareness, curiosity and interest.

The challenge for marketers have become monumental in recent times. This is the age of attention-wars and every marketer wants to maximize people’s engagement with right content. Here are the top 3 traits of successful marketers:

1. Target driven content: The product (or service) must be marketed uniquely to garner attention of intended audience. Smart marketers work in tandem with content managers and zero-down target audience by considering as many metrics as possible.

2. Fast analytic interpretations: Mastery of analytic report interpretations across all social media on a daily basis is critical, and marketers must intuitively forecast where ATTENTION is headed over the next 3-6 months, and allocate budgets accordingly.

3. Embracing a culture of continuous iterations: Even the most successful marketing initiatives have short lifespans. Marketers who continuously innovate stay ahead in the game. Having intuitive understanding in psychology of personality helps with continuous innovations.

Digital / social media marketing is standard marketing now. The days of conventional marketing is over. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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