Top 3 secrets of smart software developers

Golden rule of software development: Discipline, is more important than talent, for qualitative results.

Top 3 secrets of smart software developers:

1. Assessing long-term outcomes: Developers must address long-term scalability for any application they are building. A client should never resort to situations where entire code should be replaced. Even when clients are unclear, developers must compel project managers to gauge long term outcomes.

2. Acknowledge tester’s scrutiny and document bugs: Good developers exercise open-mindedness and listen to testers objectively. They consciously acknowledge that their code could have flaws. And it is imperative to document bugs following tester’s feedback. Only documentation ensures bug-free application – NO exceptions.

3. Prioritizing quality over timelines: While clients have stringent timelines based on internal schedules, good developers NEVER rush deployment. This is a recipe for disaster. Genuine developers never compromise quality and are honest about minimum viable timelines. They reject projects from clients with impractical timelines.

Discipline governs super-star developers! – No more resumes, no more job search.

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