Why leaders are voracious readers

Brilliant leaderships is defined by long-term vision and effective communication.

Be it CEO of a public company addressing share-holders, or a startup founder wanting to disrupt markets, voracious reading empowers their execution.

Long-term vision requires that a leader thinks out-of-box, be it through innovations or cementing sustainable competitive advantage, or both. A discipline in voracious reading – across economics, politics, technology, business trends, market best-practices, lifestyles, etc. – ensures a holistic understanding of ground realities. This, combined with analytic reasoning, enables the leader to predict long-term outcomes in favor of their business.

Clarity in communication is another prominent trait of effective leadership. Irrespective of the mode of communication – presentation, webinars, written notes – the simplicity, clarity and conviction of communication implies proper execution of long-term visions without major kickbacks. Voracious reading is the fuel for effective communication.

In other words, leaders do not devote specific times for reading in their schedules. Between their daily duties and sleep, they keep reading intermittently.

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