Knowledge = Power = Re-Learning

Re-learning is not the same as learning.

Learning is to comprehend and analyze new knowledge from scratch. Re-learning is when you have to UNLEARN some components of what you learnt, and adapt to current / future trends as demanded. Let us consider some examples:

• You were a master at php coding but your work demands you adapt to node.js or python
• You were a surgeon operating with your hands for the past 20 years, but are expected to perform robotic surgery in increasing numbers
• You are an expert in conducting effective meetings in conference rooms, but have to implement to same using technology to coordinate workers from multiple locations

Unlearning is not as easy as people presume, which explains why enforcing a cultural or technical change, across organizations can be highly challenging. Re-learning mindset should be the default attitude to live by. In the age of AI and automation, re-learning will be compulsory because of fast-paced tech innovations and evolving organizational protocols. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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