3 Steps to negotiate your ideal salary package

When it comes to salary negotiations, remember this golden rule: Never compromise

Consider the following points to justify your desired salary package to your prospective employer:

1. Execute background research on the company and the team you are getting hired into: In a digitized world, it is easy to connect with common people, and assess that company’s potential in terms of the salary-package elasticity, based on designations.

2. Assess new cost-of-living: Moving to a new location could incur increased spending on rent, taxes, transportation, lifestyle, etc. There is no point getting a higher salary, if your net monthly savings would reduce. Your net monthly savings should justify the transition.

3. Be confident in asking the desired package: After evaluating points 1 & 2 above, you have strong justifications to convince your prospective employer. There should be no compromise. Do not be afraid to walk away from a lower offer. Have faith in your potential because the right opportunity will eventually find you.

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