2 Steps to negotiate counter offers following resignation

Not all counter-offers following your resignation are genuine.

If a company is trying to retain you following your resignation, then exercise caution by following these steps during your notice period:

1. Disclose your desired salary package and / or promotion with your team manager and designated HR representative in a private meeting. Ensure that your demands are met with immediate effect.

2. Do not agree to verbal commitments. Allow 1 week time to get a signed letter from your HR department confirming your salary revision, including promotions, if any. Retract your resignation letter only after receiving this letter.

Few organizations with unethical practices may resort to verbal commitment, saying they will provide a salary hike / promotions after a few months, but end up not obliging it. The employee unreasonably loses an opportunity due to such false promises.

Remember: If a company wants to retain you genuinely, then they will have no problem obliging your request for written confirmation.

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