ATTN Recruiters: Career Gaps are not a sin

Resumes do not tell full truth.

Inexperienced recruiters avoid profiles with gaps in career progress. They correlate work-experience gaps with unreliability, bad performance, incompetence, etc. This is not only unfair to the candidate in review – for being penalized with wrong judgement despite the latter being honest – but they lose the opportunity of possibly recruiting a star candidate.

Experienced recruiters never let this happen. Instead, be it work-experience gaps or sabbaticals, they always give the benefit-of-f doubt to candidates by considering some assumptions where the candidate could have:

· Taken a break to nurse a sick spouse, child or parent suffering from chronic disease
· Volunteered for a social cause
· Lost the job due to company’s financial instability · Been overworked and fatigued to the point of compromising health
· Signed up for a course to amend their subject expertise and skills

The possibilities are endless. Genuine recruiters will connect with candidates and discuss reasons for career gaps directly. Such practices have led to great talent discovery from the most unexpected backgrounds. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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