6 Credential’s that 100% of companies look for in Candidates

Companies / Recruiters prioritize these requirements for shortlisting candidates for interviews.

1. Industry: What major industries do experienced represent? Example: Information Technology, Automotive, Education, Chemicals, Healthcare, etc. There are 20 prominent industries. Fresher candidates need not worry about this.

2. Sub-Industry: Example: Under Healthcare Industry, some prominent sub-industries include dentistry, biotechnology, hospitals & clinics, health insurance, etc. Fresher candidates need not worry about this as well. It is important for job seekers to understand the difference between Industries & Sub-Industries because many tend to confuse these. Every industry and sub-industry is clearly laid out in Credait website registration process.

3. Subject Expertise: Core knowledge you obtained from a book, or a teacher, or both (Degrees, Certifications, etc.)

4. Super Skills: Something you are innately good at. For example – public speaking, leadership, conflict management, drawing, etc.

5. Tools / Software: Whether you are good at using mechanical tools / machines for building or servicing something or competent in using software such as C, Java, Photoshop, etc.

6. Language

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