3 Qualities companies look for in candidates

Highly productive and operationally efficient companies are culture-centric and they prioritize a candidate’s personality and passion along with credentials. The top 3 qualities include:

1. Attitude to get things done: Depending on the designation or task, there are specific personality requirements that companies look for in candidates, which help them gauge the commitment to getting work done on time.

2. Going to extra-mile: Candidates exhibiting selfless traits and doing work beyond expectations. This can include training peers, improving work efficiency, supporting cross-functional teams, etc. During interviews, candidates are asked to cite specific examples for going the extra mile.

3. Taking accountability: Nobody likes complainers. Are you the type of person who blames others when mistakes happen, or do you boldly take ownership of the mistake and work to redeem yourself? These are also evaluated during interviews.

Bottom Line: For the candidate with the right sync with existing company culture, companies are confident that the right team-chemistry would contribute to learning and implementation as required.

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