Jobs in India Series #1: Top 5 Cities for Jobs & Major Industries that Hire in Tamil Nadu

By: Shriram Shanmugham, Founder – – The People Empowerment Platform

Reading time: 4 minutes

Disclaimer: Please note two important points: 1. Only 7% of the Indian workforce is white-collar while a staggering 93% is blue-collar. The jobs in India series is an assessment of white-collar profession alone. 2. The data analyzed in this article is only reflective of the jobs publicly disclosed and industry specific recruiter-search on This does not take referrals into account. On average, referral hiring ranges from 3 – 8% of total on boarding annually.

Tamil Nadu has the second biggest economy in India. As per the state government’s fiscal term policy statement, the economy is expected to be generate in excess of 17.2 Lakh Crores (~ $ 240+ Billion) for year 2019-20. There are numerous domestic and international companies that have established bases in Tamil Nadu across all industries, while the prominent 10 sectors include:

  • IT / ITES / BPO
  • Finance / Banking / Insurance / NBFC
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Environment, Energy & Sustainability
  • Industrial Durables
  • Consumer Products
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics

Top 5 cities for jobs in Tamil Nadu 

CityAvg. New Jobs / DayPercentage
Other Tamil Nadu Cities534%

Table 1: Average number of new jobs getting listed every day and percentage across states

The metro city of Chennai takes top spot for the number of new jobs listed every day, with a dominant 80% share of Tamil Nadu’s job market. This is followed by Coimbatore, also known as the manufacturing hub of Tamil Nadu, especially for industrial and automotive parts.  Other cities are negligible in comparison when it comes to new job vacancies. Many positions outside of these 5 cities are localized trade and labour centric, many of which get referred by word of mouth. The percentage of new jobs listed on a daily basis, across Tamil Nadu states is disclosed in the pie chart below:

Chart 1: Percentage of newly listed jobs on a daily basis across Tamil Nadu

 Major Industries that hire in Tamil Nadu 


Avg. New Jobs / Day


IT / ITES / BPO67445%
Finance / Banking / Insurance / NBFC1238%
Construction & Architecture383%
Environment, Energy & Sustainability171%

Table 2: Top industries that hire professionals in Tamil Nadu


Almost half of the new jobs listed are from the IT/ITES space followed by banking, healthcare and automotive. The sector-wise breakup is depicted in the chart below.

         Chart 2: Percentage of newly listed jobs on a daily basis across top industries in Tamil Nadu

The job type break-up in Tamil Nadu is disclosed below.

Job Type

Avg. New Jobs / Day


Full Time (Incl. of work from home)128786%
Part Time (Incl. Internships & Freelance)1359%
Total 1497

Table 3: Job type split in Tamil Nadu


The share of job types in Tamil Nadu is depicted in the pie chart below

Chart 3: Percentage of new jobs by job type on a daily basis in Tamil Nadu


 Conclusion – Jobs outlook in Tamil Nadu moving forward

Our research indicates that almost 50% of the professional jobs in Tamil Nadu are already service centric. This comes as no surprise, because the human workforce in the manufacturing sectors have be decreasing each year consistently, owing to the advent of automation. Although new job vacancies in IT and Automotive space are in the higher numbers, these numbers are expected to come down over the next 3-5 years. The same scenario is also applicable for banking and financial sector. Tamil Nadu is one state where more than 10 nationalized banks are headquartered, and this sector has seen a lot of consolidation, given the increasing number of NPAs (Non-performing assets). The only niche exception will be the Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) which will provide new career opportunities, owing to Fintech platforms innovating payments and other services.

Healthcare will remain consistent as far as job opportunities are concerned because many value propositions in this space are service centric as opposed to manufacturing. Construction and Architecture is one sector that has crashed in Tamil Nadu in terms of new job opportunities. About a decade ago, what was a booming industry is now at the brink of obsolescence owing to stringent tax norms in the GST era. Barring few exceptions – like government funded infrastructure projects – the construction space has lost its glitter, and job opportunities in this space will be insignificant in the coming ears.

Our research indicates that service centric vacancies, in energy, logistics, and internet aggregator sectors will drive the next wave of career opportunities. This won’t be limited to Tamil Nadu, since this trend will be noticed across all Indian States.  Service-centric job growth is definitely the way going forward.