The Secret of successful firms with happy employees

Empowering a culture-centric workplace is the secret that many companies overlook.

Consider these points about your close friends:

• Are you both close because of their educational qualification?
• Is it a relationship based on the pedigree of the companies they worked for?
• Do you like them because they have an impeccable resume?

Obviously not.Friendship is based on sync in values, attitudes and personalities, while differences are respected. Now imagine having work colleagues, with whom you share a friendship-type chemistry, then imagine how your work environment will be?

This is the very definition of having a culture-centric workplace. Sadly, very few companies have tasted this secret. By prioritizing personalities & passion more than credentials, the magic unfolds with teams in sync to protect each other’s interests, and this creates high-performance environment, and everyone’s happy. Issues such as attrition, employee’s low morale and bad performances are ruled out by default. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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