Future of Jobs Series #2: Identify & Master your Super-Skills to be in Demand

By: Shriram Shanmugham, Founder – Credait.com – The People Empowerment Platform

Reading time: 2 minutes

When it comes to career advice, the Internet is rampant with specific job designations that include digital marketer, data scientist, statistician, etc. However, what makes someone outstanding is beyond designations or college degrees. This is where super-skills step in. It is imperative to define what super-skills mean and how it’s different from basic “skills.” This is best explained with an example.

Most of know how to play football or cricket. This implies that we have a basic skill to play these and at some point we would have given it a shot while growing up. However, players like Lionel Messi and Virat Kohli possess the super-skills to play football and cricket respectively. Super-skills are those that make you unique among billions. It cannot be taught by a teacher or learnt from a text book. There can be mentors / teachers who may identify your super-skill, because it lies dormant within you. Once you discover it, you can’t help but surprise yourself of how powerful it can be, when it starts to reveal its potential.

Bottom-line: When you know your super-skills, you are always in demand – no matter what your career!

According to the data we collected from recruiters who use Credait, the following are prominent super-skills across all industries that are in demand: Conflict management, negotiations, technical writing, analytic thinking, creative writing, people management, motivational speaking, demand planning, entrepreneurship, public speaking, selling, presales, tactical execution, decision making, etc.

Some industry specific super-skills include:


Prominent Super Skills


AccountingAsset liability management, collective bargaining, debtors’ management


Celebrity branding, sketching, storytelling
Aerospace & AviationMaterials testing, parachuting, gliding, flight testing
Agriculture & FoodAnimal breeding, baking & pastry making, delivery forecasting
Architecture & Construction


Vendor management, rural development, urban development
Arts, Literature & Media


Method acting, digital file management, song writing
Atmospheric Sciences


Statistical analysis, data analysis, correlation analysis


Inventory documentation, 3D printing, graphics design
Banking, Financial Service & Insurance (BFSI)


M&A advisory, budget management, objection handling
ChemicalsChange management, international marketing, brokerage
Consumer Goods & Personal CareBrand management, contract management, decision making
EducationEducation assessment, events management, school/college administration
Environmental, Energy & SustainabilityEnergy management, environmental planning, video creation
Fashion & TextilesColour sense, conceptual skills, crafting
HealthcareCost-benefit analysis, customer research, personal care
Information Technology & ServicesAgile management, code quality review, cognitive computing
Logistics & Transportation ServicesCargo handling, change management, logistics strategy
Manufacturing & TechnologyGuerrilla marketing, operations management, machine testing
Other Services & ConsultingBrainstorming, landscaping, home furnishing, jewellery making
TelecommunicationMonitoring services, multitasking, P&L management
Source: Credait Platform


If you notice keenly, none of the above super-skills can be learnt from a text-book or school.

The next obvious question is: How to find your super-skills?” Simple, just ask your friends. Very often, we have people within our circle who have a better sense of what we are good at. But how often have we listened to them? It could also be those areas where our friends or family request our favour. In such cases, they would tell us something on the lines of “maybe you should make this your full-time career because you’re really good at this.”

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, we are migrating to an era where man and machine will work together for a desired outcome. Invariably, your super-skills are those that machines cannot replace. Until this point, very few people made a career out of their super-skills, but moving forward, identifying and mastering our super-skills will be mandatory to secure our careers.