Know when to walk away while pursing career opportunities

All that glitters is NOT gold.

Glory seems in the guise of company reputation, designation, salary, location and learning opportunities, but consciously analyze what you will compromise, for the perks that attract you. Consider these scenarios:

1. High demand work-hours that affect health – It’s not random that young workforce are diagnosed with high BP, stroke, and other ailments. No amount of money or reputation is worthy of compromising health. Hefty salary packages will pale in comparison.

2. Compromise of ethics – Certain profiles will demand that you bend rules by compromising integrity. Between ethics and job, always choose ethics because you do not want repercussions that will jeopardize your career in the long run. Nothing remains covered in the digital age.

3. Lack of recognition or respect – Some companies treat employees like commodities. If your colleague is ill-treated, it will happen to you too. Guard your self-respect, as it is a key element of cementing your happiness in the long run. This is priceless.

In the digital age, it is not hard to verify a company’s stature on points mentioned above. Choose wisely, stay happy. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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