Expertise & Skills – That’s all that matters!

When it comes to cementing financial gains through career progress, the line between blue and white collar is fading.

Education was the only major barrier between blue and white collar professions, especially advanced degrees bestowed at college level. In the digital world however, resourceful knowledge is available for low-costs online, with some provided at zero costs, at the comfort of one’s living room. The infrastructure to access knowledge – smartphone, tablets, and internet – are also becoming increasingly affordable. This implies that:

· A creative carpenter can learn CNC machining for wider opportunities
· A videographer could learn drone operations and increase his service proposition by employing advanced recording techniques
· A professional guitarist could learn automotive ECU management and supplement her income by assisting a car-tuner company

The possibilities are endless. What really matters are:

1. Subject expertise
2. Super skills

It is also important that to stay ahead of the game, one must imbibe the habit of continuous learning, unlearning and re-learning.

This is truly the century of individual empowerment. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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