IT Jobs in Chennai : Top Subject Expertise, Super Skills & Software in Demand

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Disclaimer: The list of subject expertise and supers skills are based on the number of high frequency searches executed by recruiters. This does not imply that every search executed resulted in job placements. The following data merely serves as an indicator for career trends in specific industry/services in the particular city of interest.

An overview of top 5 industries for Jobs in Chennai

IT Industry – Top 10 Subject Expertise, Super Skills & Software in demand in Chennai

Top 10 Requirements for IT Jobs in Chennai
Top 10 Subject ExpertiseTop 10 Super SkillsTop 10 Software / Tools
Information TechnologyProject ManagementJavaScript
Computer ScienceSalesPhotoshop
Data StructureProblem SolvingMS Office
Data AnalyticsDigital MarketingMySQL
Wireless NetworksWeb DevelopmentC++
DevOpsIT ManagementAWS
Information SecurityTrainingLINUX
Mobile ApplicationsSystem AnalysisPhp
IMSCode Quality ReviewJava

Table 1: Top 10 subject expertise, super skills & software in the IT Industry in Chennai

Chennai is the first business process outsourcing (BPO) hub in India and was instrumental in expanding the IT revolution in India. While the city is home to many advanced IT and ITES developments, it also houses a lot of basic website developments, digital marketing and SEO enablement companies. There are hundreds of small to medium enterprises level IT companies that develop world class platforms at reasonable costs. Chennai will continue to dominate the IT sector in India following Bangalore. is a people empowerment platform for specialized careers. Register in for your dream career to find you by empowering your super skills & subject expertise