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Identify the best candidates in minutes as opposed to 3-6 months of search
Follow 3 simple steps:

Register your individual profile in
Use the “Search Candidate” button to find talent
Register your company profile to recruit as a company (optional)

Credait Features – Simplicity is Genius

No more resumes
Resumes are subjected to bias and manipulation. It does not identify personality, passion or learning abilities.

No more job search
No more time wasting on job applications. In Credait, companies reach out to you.

Register within 10 mins
Register in 4 easy steps detailing by your availability, credentials, passion and personality

Revolutionary People Empowerment Features

Hire Candidates Quickly
Recruiters can screen candidates within 5 minutes and hire them within 5-7 days. No more ads for job descriptions and no more wait for job applications

Empower innovations & creativity
Passionate people with unique talent can discover like-minded individuals across the globe to achieve the impossible

Availability Flags
Choose your availability flags – Whether full time, part time, or freelance, and whether you are immediately available or open to opportunity

Empower Humanity
Good Samaritans can add the underprivileged – who do not have phone or internet access – and empower their skill-based employability

Credait – The People Empowerment Platform

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