BFSI Jobs in Delhi : Top Subject Expertise, Super Skills & Software in Demand

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Disclaimer: The list of subject expertise and supers skills are based on the number of high frequency searches executed by recruiters. This does not imply that every search executed resulted in job placements. The following data merely serves as an indicator for career trends in specific industry/services in the particular city of interest.

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BFSI Industry – Top 10 Subject Expertise, Super Skills & Software in demand in Delhi

Top 10 Requirements for BFSI Jobs in Delhi
Top 10 Subject ExpertiseTop 10 Super Skills
AccountingBusiness Development
CommerceFinancial Management
International FinanceMarketing Strategy
Business AdministrationSales
Investment BankingPresales
Credit UnderwritingSocial Media Management
Risk AdvisoryNegotiating Skills
Fraud ExaminationSales Promotion
TaxationMarketing Management

Table 1: Top 10 subject expertise, super skills & software in the BFSI Industry in Delhi

 The Business, Financial Services and Insurance Sector (BFSI) is the third largest employment sector in Delhi. Although Mumbai may be the financial capital of India, the demand for financial and banking profiles are far too higher in Delhi, with the demand being more than twice of Mumbai. Business development and marketing – sales invariably – are the top demanded super skills given that many executive profiles have challenging targets to meet when it comes to sale of financial products and services. Not surprisingly, subject expertise in Accounting and Commerce are on the top, but given a slew of foreign direct investments (FDI) and its related policy changes by the government, the need for International Finance profiles are also high in Delhi. is a people empowerment platform for specialized careers. Register in for your dream career to find you by empowering your super skills & subject expertise