Banking / Financial Jobs in Bangalore : Top Subject Expertise & Super Skills in Demand

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Disclaimer: The list of subject expertise and supers skills are based on the number of high frequency searches executed by recruiters. This does not imply that every search executed resulted in job placements. The following data merely serves as an indicator for career trends in specific industry/services in the particular city of interest.


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BFSI Industry – Top 10 Subject Expertise & Super Skills in demand in Bangalore


Top 10 Requirements for BFSI Jobs in Bangalore

Top 10 Subject Expertise

Top 10 Super Skills


Customer Management

Decision Making

Business Administration

Customer Research
Financial Services

Marketing Management

Company Secretary

Business Development

Negotiating Skills

Mutual Funds

Charted Accounting

Operations Management


Sales Promotion
Information Service

P&L Management


Table 1: Top 10 subject expertise & super skills in the BFSI Industry in Bangalore


The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is the 3rd prominent industry for job opportunities in Bangalore. Commerce, accounting and Business administration are the top subject expertise of preference. Knowledge about mutual funds and insurance are the core for many sales and marketing professions selling financial products. The top super skills requirement clearly justify this requirement where many pertain to customer-centric scenario. is a people empowerment platform for specialized careers. Register in for your dream career to find you by empowering your super skills & subject expertise