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We redefined
The nomenclature of hiring process

The hiring process requires a new framework to locate the suitable talent that aligns with the company culture. It depends on personality more than qualifications. Therefore, we have developed a new nomenclature for the hiring process as disclosed below:

Every recruiter will subconsciously look for these 6 key credentials:

  1. Industry
  2. Sub-Industry
  3. Subject Expertise
  4. Super Skills
  5. Tools/Softwares
  6. Language

Credait is the trend-setter in profiling candidates that combine personality with skills requirement. This empowers the recruiter in profiling candidates whose personality is in sync with existing teams / hiring managers. 

For example, you can choose:

  1. Candidates who have programming skills with tech savvy, ethical and voracious reader personalies
  2. Candidates who have marketing skills with adventurous, experimental and inquisitive personalities

Credait also empowers unique passion on demand from candidates, be it a bespoke requirement, or in combination with skills and personality 

For example, you choose a specific website designer, who is passionate about Cricket or Hockey, to build your sports merchandise e-commerce platform 

Credait is for rebellious recruiters, who hate traditional method of hiring

Credait Is Only For Genius Recruiters...

Who Hates Traditional Method Of Hiring...

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(20 Profiles within 30 seconds)

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